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Tree removal is cutting down a tree and removing the stump. This is typically done for safety reasons, if the tree is diseased or damaged, or if it is in the way of development. Tree removal can be dangerous and complex, so trained professionals usually perform it. The process typically involves using a chainsaw to cut the tree down and then removing the stump using a stump grinder or digging it out by hand.

In some cases, the wood from the tree may be used for lumber or other purposes, but in other cases, it may be disposed of. Spokane Tree Service is a professional tree removal company that can help you do the job safely and efficiently—equipped with the proper tools and equipment for a faster and safer tree removal process. Whether you want to trim a tree in your yard or have a large tree removed, Spokane Tree Service can help.

Reasons Why Tree Removal Is Important

When we think of trees, we generally imagine them as tall, majestic, and graceful. But in reality, trees are often a source of frustration – one homeowner regularly faces when trimming or removal is necessary. There are many reasons why tree removal is essential:


Removing old and broken trees can help ensure people’s and property safety. Dead or dangerous trees can also cause significant damage if they fall on someone or obstruct a roadway.


A tree removed from the landscape leaves less debris to collect over time, making the area around it much cleaner. This is particularly important in areas with a high incidence of runoff – like wetlands – where rainwater can become polluted by tree roots and other vegetation.


Removing a tree from the landscape opens up space for flowering plants and other ground-cover vegetation. This can transform an area into a more pleasing visual composition, adding much-needed beauty to your home or business property.


Removing a tree can also help to make construction projects easier. By clearing the way, workers can more easily access electrical lines and other infrastructure. Using the tree’s stump for landscaping or another project is also possible.


The tree removal process involves several essential steps to ensure a safe and efficient outcome. Initially, the tree removal service will assess the tree’s condition, including disease, pests, and structural integrity. Based on this evaluation, they will determine the appropriate removal technique, whether it be cutting the tree down entirely or selectively removing specific branches. During the removal process, professionals utilize specialized equipment and follow strict safety protocols to minimize risks and ensure the protection of nearby structures and landscaping. Finally, the service provider will complete a thorough cleanup, removing debris and disposing of it responsibly.


While tree removal is sometimes necessary, it’s essential to consider environmental responsibility. Whenever possible, explore alternatives to complete tree removal, such as tree pruning or transplanting. Pruning can help rejuvenate the tree and promote healthier growth while transplanting allows the tree to thrive in a different location. These alternatives preserve the environmental benefits provided by trees while addressing the specific issues at hand. Consulting with a professional tree removal service can help you explore the most suitable options for your situation.


The cost of tree removal can vary based on several factors. Tree size, location, complexity, and the number of trees to be removed all contribute to the overall cost. Larger trees or those located close to buildings or power lines may require more intricate removal techniques, which can affect the price. Obtaining estimates from multiple tree removal services in Spokane, WA, is advisable to compare prices and services. However, it’s important to prioritize the quality of work and professionalism over the lowest price, as the safety of your property is at stake.


After the tree removal process, ensuring proper aftercare is essential for a seamless transition. Stump removal cost is an important consideration as it helps eliminate tripping hazards and prevents regrowth. You have the flexibility to replant a new tree in the same location or explore alternative landscaping options based on your preference. To maintain the health and longevity of the remaining trees on your property, regular maintenance and top-notch tree service are crucial.

Certified Arborist For Removing Trees Safely

Spokane Tree Service is a certified arborist that will safely and responsibly remove trees. We use the latest techniques and equipment to get the job done quickly, effectively, and without causing any damage to your tree or your property. We understand the importance of tree removal in ensuring your and your trees’ safety and health, so we will take all necessary precautions to ensure a smooth removal process.

As the best tree removal service provider in Spokane, we are here to help you get the job done right and keep your property safe throughout the process. We can take care of everything from dead trees or fallen trees to the front yards of your homes. Ensuring your safety is our goal as one of the top tree removal companies in Spokane, WA. Contact your local tree service in Spokane.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Yes, we are certified arborists in Spokane. We understand the importance of tree care and take pride in providing quality service to our customers.
A: We generally do not trim trees before removing them, as this can damage the tree. After removal, however, we may trim a small branch or twig to keep from creating a hazard for traffic.
A: It is generally worth the cost to have a qualified professional remove the tree. Not only will tree removal be more efficient and effective, but you won’t risk damaging your home or landscaping.
A: We use crane trucks, tree saws, and chainsaws to safely remove trees. We take care to preserve the surrounding area while removing the tree, minimizing the risk of damage.

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We are licensed and insured to provide tree service in Spokane. This means we have the appropriate insurance and licenses to be in business.


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We have the necessary resources and tools to complete your tree service promptly and efficiently. An updated tree removal truck and tree pruning saws are just a few of the tools we have on hand.


Competitive Rates

We offer competitive rates for tree service in Spokane. We understand that sometimes you may have to choose between quality and affordability, which is why we offer both options.

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We have years of experience in the tree service industry, which means we are experts at what we do. We know how to work with tree species and pruning techniques that will give you the best results possible.

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Need a tree service in Spokane? Spokane Tree Service is a locally owned and operated tree service that has been helping homeowners and businesses in Spokane, WA, for years. We offer a wide range of services, including tree removal, stump grinding, and more. We understand that not all trees need the same treatment, which is why we offer various services to choose from. If you need our help, contact us at our hotline # 587-315-0710 for more information.